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Jean-Michel Cousteau's Secret Ocean 3D

Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of ocean pioneer Jacques Cousteau, offers a breakthrough look at a secret world within the ocean. This is perhaps the biggest story of all – that the smallest life in the sea is the mightiest force on which we all depend. Dive into this secret world that will leave you in awe of the beauty and diversity of the oceans, and inspire a desire to protect the source of all life on our planet.


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Jean-Michel Holly Hammerhead Clown Fish Jaque and Jean-Michel Cousteau Red Lion Fish Slipper Lobster Blenny California Sea Hare Moray Eel Arrow Crab 1 Octopus Xmas Trees Blossom Squid Group Spotted Sea Hare Soft Coral Snail 2 Snail Slipper Lobster Sea Cucumber Red Crab Coral Hermit Crab Plankton Pedum Bivalve Mating Squids Spiny Lobster 021 JMCSO Protect Jean-Michel Holly Squids 2 Jean-Michel Holly Squids Hermit Crab Grouper Blenny 2 Giant Clam 3 Giant Clam 2 Giant Clam 1 Conch Banded Cleaner Shrimp Xmas Trees Worms Orange Arrow Crab 2 Mushroom Coral Xmas Trees Worms Silver Echinoderm Xmas Trees Worms Blue Xmas Trees Worms Pink 047 JMCSO XmasTreesWorms Anemone

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