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Your Gift is an Inspiration

By making your gift today, you are helping inspire visitors to discover human cultures, the natural world, technology and the universe. It’s a big deal!  It’s connecting a child to his past – and envisioning his future!  It’s inspiring dialogue between parents and children, young and old, scholar and student.

Inspire to discover – that’s you!

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Your Gift in Action

Have you ever wondered how your gift is put into action at the Pink Palace Family of Museums?

  • $25 opens the door for one child on a school field trip, providing museum admission and educational programs at no cost to the child.  This child loves to see how things work.  He’s fascinated by the Clyde Parke Circus, with its hand-carved characters and hand-stitched tents.  He is a future mechanic.

  • $50 reveals to a child to the wonders of the universe in the AutoZone Dome at the Sharpe Planetarium. This child lives in the city and never realized the sky was so full of stars. Her favorite show is AstronautsShe is a future Satellite Communications Expert.

  • $100 introduces a family to the great outdoors at Lichterman Nature Center, in a safe, controlled environment. One 8th-grader no longer fears, but now enjoys and respects nature and our native animals. He will volunteer at the Humane Society when he’s in college.

  • $250 places land-locked youth into the deepest ocean. On an educational visit with her class, one young lady is particularly interested in a Discovery Lab about sharks and the movie Secret Ocean 3D shown in our Giant Theater.  She will own a scuba diving business.

  • $1,000 excites dinosaur devotees! An animated T-Rex lives on-site; other dinosaurs are visiting through October in the exhibit Scenes of the Dinosaurs. One boy boldly steps forward while his classmates hang back. He is dynamic, like the T-Rex. He is a born leader who will fearlessly make a difference.
  • $5,000 is a crazy generous gift! You open the door of discovery for a future mechanic, reveal the wonders of the universe to a future professional, introduce future volunteers to a love of nature, find a place for a future business owner, excite a future community leader – and so much more. You are the gift in action.

Your gift is very important.  You make a difference.  Please click Donate Now and take the step that inspires discovery!

Special Tax-Free IRA Gifts

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Please send your gift today. You will feel so good knowing you are making a difference.

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Cathi Johnson, Director of Philanthropy
Cathi.Johnson [at] memphistn [dot] gov  

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