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YOU Can Make a Difference!

Got your 3D glasses handy?  When you put them on, the picture becomes clear. 

When you support the Pink Palace, you help ignite in children across the Mid-South a love of science, nature and history.

You help them see a vision of their future.

When you visit the Pink Palace, you open a door of discovery for children who will visualize a great future!

Put on your Pink Palace 3D glasses and the picture becomes clear:  YOU can make a difference!

Your gift places a student on the deck of an aircraft carrier in the CTI 3D Giant Theater.  She is fascinated by the physics involved in landing jets on the deck of a carrier in the middle of an ocean.

Your gift reveals to a child the wonders of the universe in the AutoZone Dome at the Sharpe Planetarium.  This child lives in the city and never realized the sky was so full of stars!  She is amazed by her journey into the cosmos.  Her favorite show is Sunstruck.

Your gift introduces a family to the great outdoors at Lichterman Nature Center.  One 8th-grader now enjoys and respects nature and our native animals.  While in veterinary school, he will volunteer at a local animal shelter.

Your gift inspires dinosaur enthusiasts!  A fierce T-Rex is visiting through September in the exhibit ‘Jurassic Journeys:  Land, Sea and Air.’  Two children step forward boldly while their classmates hang back.  This pair is dynamic, just like the T-Rex.

Your gifts open a door of discovery, reveal the wonders of the universe, introduce the beauty of nature, inspire our future community leaders – and so much more.  It’s so clear!

You’ve seen what can happen through your 3D glasses.  You know your support of the Pink Palace matters to kids.  Please make a difference.  Send in your gift today!

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Please send your gift today. You will feel so good knowing you are making a difference.

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