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Can You Dig It? History, That Is.

Your gift of any amount is much appreciated and will be used to open the door for students from Title I schools to visit the Museum at no cost to them.

With your gift of $500 or more, you will open the door to your personal behind-the-scenes tour! (See below to make your choice.)

Let’s work together to ignite a love of history as well as the science that tells us history’s stories.  Let’s give students the tools – and let them dig!  

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Behind-The-Scenes Tours Are Not Offered To Everyone.

In fact, they’ve been pretty rare.  But we believe so strongly in the importance of digging history that we make this offer so that we all win!  With your gift of $500 or more,

  • You win by seeing the coolest stuff – and being cool in the eyes of your family who come with you.
  • The students in our communities win because we are able to open our doors to students on field trips, regardless of their family’s ability to pay admission.
  • And the Museum wins because we gain you as a partner, working alongside us to fulfill our mission to inspire visitors to discover human cultures, the natural world, technology, and the universe.  

While making your tax-deductible gift on-line, use the COMMENTS section to type in your choice of experience(s) by name, based on your generous gift amount:

$1,500  This is super cool!  I would like to extend my participation to the following 3 experiences:

$1,000  I can’t choose!  Please extend my participation to the following 2 experiences:

$500  I dig history!  I would like to participate in 1 experience:

I choose the following experience:

  • "Cretaceous Creatures" (private viewing of ancient fossils in our collection)
  • "Prehistoric Presence" (private tour of our extensive collection of Native American artifacts)
  • "Early Memphis Society" (private tour of the historic Mallory-Neely house – even Staff Only areas)
  • "Circus Parade" (behind-the-barrier look at our conservation of the historic Clyde Parke Circus)

$(Other Gift Amount)  I love the Pink Palace!  I support your mission; please use this gift where needed most.   

Do You Dig This Stuff?

Do you have children or grandchildren who dig history, too – or would if introduced in a dynamic way? 

What about the tens of thousands of school children who visit the Museum every year?  Your gift today will help ensure that every child who attends a Title I school in Shelby County can be part of an educational field trip at no-cost to them.  Because of you, no child will be excluded because of a family’s inability to pay. 

Let’s work together to ignite a love of history as well as the science that tells us history’s stories.  Let’s give students the tools – and let them dig!  Please click on Donate Now, and with your gift of $500 or more, choose which history level you dig the most.  We’ll be in touch soon to arrange your special behind-the-scenes tour(s).

Please send your gift today. You will feel so good knowing you are making a difference.

Donate Now Online, Mail or Call:

Cathi Johnson, Director of Philanthropy
Cathi.Johnson [at] memphistn [dot] gov  

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