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Winter Nature Activities

December 12, 2016

Winter Nature Activities

Often people take a break from nature related activities in the winter, but winter can be an exciting time to get outside and see what’s happening.  If we are lucky enough (or unlucky depending on your feelings) to get snow this winter, it is a great time to get out and look for tracks.  Winter tracking can tell you a lot about the animals in your neighborhood, like who’s active, how they move, and maybe even where they live and what they eat.  Some common tracks to look for in Memphis include songbirds, geese, raccoons, opossums, and squirrels. 

Winter is also a good time for bird watching.  A lot of birds are attracted to backyard feeders in the winter time, and providing fresh unfrozen water can draw in birds that don’t typically visit seed feeders.  If we do get snow or ice be sure to sprinkle some seed on top of the frozen ground and you are sure to get some hungry birds show up.  Winter is also a good time to look for ducks, geese, and Bald Eagles that overwinter in our area.  Visit the Memphis Chapter of the Tennessee Ornithological Society for more information on bird watching sites or to find out about upcoming bird walks.  http://www.tnbirds.org/chapters/Memphis/Memphis.htm 

Frost Flowers were out today in a lot of the beds at Lichterman Nature Center, hopefully you had a chance to see some.   

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