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Jurassic Journeys

Jurassic Journeys

May 27 - September 10, 2017

Stand beneath a ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex as it lowers its head to attack. Witness a pack of Deinonychus feasting on a Tenontosaurus carcass marred by lacerations. Catch a glimpse of the long-necked Elasmosaurus swimming in the open ocean. Watch a Pteranodon soaring over the coast, while a Mosasaurus lurks in the shadows of the sea.

Then enter the land of herbivores. Search for plants to eat with the low-browsing Stegosaurus. Walk with a Triceratops and its young as they graze on North American vegetation. Hear a Maiasaura roar in joy as it and its three juveniles watch eggs hatch, then listen to the deep, raspy vocal calls of a Pachycephalosaurus preparing for battle.

Operate an animatronic hadrosaur using a remote control. Uncover fossils in our dig box and by rubbing crayons on paper-covered templates. Take a photograph with a Triceratops or inside the deadly jaws of a T. rex.

This journey transcends all boundaries – land, sea, and air!

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