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Making Memphis- 200 Years of Community - Coming Soon!

Community Engagement

The Museum wants to promote greater representation and stronger connections with this exhibit and to the Museum overall through new community engagement initiatives. There will be a variety of opportunities to enhance the representation and contributions of Memphians in content for the exhibit as we actively work with the community to help tell the story of Memphis. We will provide these engagement opportunities (listed below) offsite and onsite of the Museum at a “Community Engagement” table.

Community Engagement schedule:


Overton Park Farmers Market: September 6 • 4 pm – 7 pm

Kroc Center: September 8 • 9 am –1pm

University of Memphis: September 13 • 11 am – 1 pm

Cooper Young Festival: September 15 • 9 am – 7 pm

Gaston Community Center: September 17 • 4 pm – 7:30 pm

Christian Brothers University: September 24 • 11 am – 2 pm

Katie Sexton Community Center: September  26 • 4 pm – 7:30pm

Making Memphis - 200 Years of Community

Coming March 2019

The Pink Palace Family of Museums has a special exhibit planned for the upcoming Bicentennial of the City! The exhibit, titled “Making Memphis: 200 Years of Community,” brings together stories of the past and present and their influence on the future to illustrate the interconnected web of Memphis history. With its usage of technology, interactive components, art, and design, this exhibit is a multimedia, multisensory experience, encouraging visitors to experience Memphis’ history in new ways.

Word Cloud

We will visibly illustrate current feelings and thoughts about Memphis by collecting responses to the question: “What word would you use to describe Memphis?”. The responses will be used to create a Word Cloud that will become a three-dimensional art installation in the exhibit. 

What word would you use to describe Memphis?

See the community engangement dates at the top of this page where you can share your photos, stories, and words.

Faces of Memphis Mural

The Mural will visually display the diversity of “Heritage & Identity” amongst Memphians, connecting to one of the exhibit’s main themes. At our Community Engagement table, Memphians will have a chance to take their portrait to be included in the Mural. The finished product will be installed in exhibit.

Click here!  to sign release to include your image in the Faces of Memphis Mural.

Sound Bites - Voices of Memphis

We will collect the memories of Memphians in 30-second “sound bites” as they answer questions related to the City. At our Community Engagement table, Memphians will have a chance to record their memories. The sound bites will be compiled for visitors to listen to in the exhibit.

Click here! to sign release to include your recording in the Sound Bites - Voices of Memphis demonstration.

Bicentennial Locker Project

Individuals, classes, and community groups are invited to make a “mini-exhibit” in a school locker by creating a diorama that fills a 15” x 15” x 24” space in a way that represents their views about one of the exhibit’s five themes:

  • Environment & Geography
  • Migration & Settlement
  • Commerce & Entrepreneurialism
  • Heritage & Identity 
  • Arts & Entertainment

First, second, and third place winners will be chosen in each category. Winning submissions will be displayed as part of the Pink Palace’s installation of Making Memphis: 200 Years of Community.

Click here for registration forms and more information. 

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