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Sharpe Planetarium

Journey to distant galaxies, explore the solar system and settle back in a comfortable seat in the Sharpe Planetarium as you take a cosmic voyage through the universe. 

The Lida Gammill Sharpe Planetarium, a 130-seat theater-in-the-round, uses planetarium technology to project star fields, visual images and patterns on a domed ceiling.  Augmented by a superb sound system, the Planetarium programs are a treat for the eyes and ears.

The Sharpe Planetarium is now open 7 days a week.


There is going to be galactic-sized new technology in the Sharpe Planetarium and you can help make it happen.

Full Dome Digital Theater is coming to the Mid-South and it will revolutionize the viewer’s planetarium experience. The viewer will be completely immersed in imagery and sound like never before. 

Comments from those attending a sample presentation of Full Dome Digital Theater in the Sharpe Planetarium were consistently positive. A great deal of focus was placed upon not only its entertainment value but also the educational opportunities it will present.

For example: 

"Wonderful concept - I can imagine how it will ignite the imagination of our students. It will particularly be a great resource for our educators. I agree that the greater variety of programs will result in greater community participation. Thanks for staying current." 

"The Full-Dome Video was breathtaking! My children (4 and 8) were mesmerized watching the galaxies whiz by. It was so much easier for the kids to actually see the vastness of space than just hearing a description read to them. I really like the variety of programs. WE CAN'T WAIT!!!!"

"Very informative and entertaining … a totally different look … like a step into the future."

"Very innovative ... Kids will love the action and movement. The body, astronomy, under the sea - who knows what else - will make this format interesting to so many ages and segments of society. Thanks for the preview so that we can pass the word and speak positively about what's coming to Memphis." 

"The show was excellent. What promise for educating school children and adults - make us use our imaginations as we explore our universe as well as all facets of education.” 

"Great plan! As an astronomy teacher at U of Memphis, I would love for this to be accessible to my students as well as students of all ages, like my 6-year-old son!"

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