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Summer Trial Memberships FAQ

Many of these FAQ are directed at the Free 30 Day Membership, though also applicable to the $5 Summer Trial.  We will add some directed at the $5 trial as they come up. 

I bought a $5 Trial membership and I don't see my card on the email I was sent.
You need to enable graphics on the email to see the graphics on your card.  

I didn't receive my card in my email inbox.

  • $5 Memberships: You were sent 2 emails.  One was a receipt and the other one was your card.  The subject of your card email is "Your $5 Summer Membership Card." If you don't see either of these emails, please look in Junk/Spam mail.  
  • Both Trial Memberships: Many email servers divide your email out for you.  If you don't find your email in the Inbox or Junk/Spam mail, some also put our emails in a "Promotions" box.  Please make sure you “whitelist” and so you will receive our emails.
  • If you still don't see your email then you might have typed your email address incorrectly.  Please email us at and we will pull your information and send you a pdf or a link to your card, depending on which type of membership you have.


Free Trial: My card is blank when I pull it up in the browser window.
Make sure you have the full URL address.  You may need to cut and paste it from your email.  Sometimes the email window will split the URL

Free Trial: I tried to print my card and it prints without my information. 
You need to use the print option in your toolbar. (File – Print) Don't try to print by clicking on the image of your card. Also, on your keyboard, you can hold the Ctrl button and press the P button at the same time. Or, you can “print as a PDF” if your printer supports that. Also see the next printing tip. You can also show it on your phone.

I tried to print my card but Lively Learning prints over my name. I am having trouble printing my card
This is probably a printer issue. Try printing “as a PDF” or print by using Word by doing the following:  Windows Users: You can make your card as large as you can on your screen, press "Print Screen" (located at the top of your keyboard and to the right of the F12 button. It takes a picture of your screen.) and paste (Ctrl +V) it in Microsoft WORD, You can pull the edges of the graphic you just pasted on your document so you can see the whole card. Now print the document. Save that document in case you need to reprint your card.

(Print Scrn button will always take an snapshot of what’s on your monitor the moment that it’s pressed. You will only see an image after you paste (Ctrl+V at the same time) into Microsoft WORD)

MAC Users: Bring up the membership card; Press Command+Shift+4, this will bring up a box that will highlight the area that you specify. After you drag the box to the proper size and release the mouse button it will pull a copy of the selected image onto your desktop. Open up this file from your desktop and print it. Alternatively, you can center the image on screen. Must be centered or it won’t work. Press Command+Shift+3. This pulls it to the desktop. Print open file from desktop. (FYI: Command is the Apple key.)

You can also show it on your phone.

If you still have problems you can email and we will pull your information and send you a PDF of your card.

I am not getting a confirmation screen when I register.
Then it is not capturing your information. First make sure you have something in the 2nd adult field. You can type N/A if you don't have a 2nd adult. It also could be a browser/computer issue.  If your computer does not let you fill out the form, click submit, and return the confirmation screen then it is not capturing your information. Try using a different computer or have someone else register you. Many phones will have this problem.  Try using a computer.

If I sign up for a 30 Day Membership and then want a $5 Summer Membership, can I and can I use the same email address? Yes.  You may sign up for both memberships with the same email address.  Just go back to the website and follow the link for the $5 Summer Membership.  You must do this during the month of May though.

Does the trial membership include the free/discounted admission to the reciprocal ASTC museums?
No, neither Trial Membership includes ASTC benefits. You will need to purchase a full membership to take advantage of those benefits. 

I signed up but never got the e-mail with the trial card.  I tried to signup again and it said I was already signed up. 
You cannot sign up twice under the same email address.  If you did not get an email at the address you provided us, first check your junk and spam mailboxes.  Some filters may put the email in there.  If you still can not find it, email and we will pull your information and send you a PDF of your card.

How many children can I bring? Do they all have to be mine?
Both our full memberships (Family level and above) and our Trial memberships allow you to bring up to 10 RELATED children under 18 years of age with you in addition to yourself and one other adult. Related children under 18 years of age can be your children, foster children, nieces & nephews, and grandchildren. This does not include school groups, camps, churches, or neighbors, etc.  (If you have a nanny or babysitter you may put them on your card or they can use your card.)

I signed up last year, can I still apply for this?
Yes you can sign up for either Trial Memberships.

What do I do if I don't have a printer to use?  
You can have a friend print it or to go to the library, Kinko's or an office supply store that has a printer. You can also show it on your phone.   

Do I have to have an email address?
Yes, we must have a valid email address to email your card and e-vites to. Please do not opt-out of our emails or you will not receive e-vites to events. Most search engine sites have free email accounts that you can sign up for (Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.)

I am not receiving e-invitations or any emails from the Pink Palace?
They may be in your spam mailbox or you might have opted-out of our emails.  You will have to re-enter your email address on our e-newsletter to opt back in to our email engine.  Although we enter your email address to send you e-invitations, if you have opted out of our email engine it will take your email address off.  Go to to enroll in our e-newsletter.

Do I have to cancel this membership myself after the trial period? Will I get charged if I don't cancel it myself?
No, it will expire after the trial period with no commitment.  We will send you emails asking if you would like to purchase a full membership.

Can I sign up in your office? 
No, you can only sign up online.

Do I get free CTI 3D tickets with this?
No but you will get a $1 discount on all CTI 3D Tickets during your trial membership period.

Do I get free Planetarium tickets with this?
No but you get a $1 discount on Planetarium Tickets.

Are there any fees involved?
No, there are no fees for your free trial membership. For the $5 trial membership, you only pay the $5 fee.