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Strategic Plan

The Pink Palace celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2005, and it is an appropriate time to turn out eyes to the future and to create a new vision. The Pink Palace Family of Museums (PPFM) has grown from a local cabinet of curiosities in an opulent mansion to a group of facilities that includes a natural and cultural history museum; planetarium, CTI 3D Giant Theater, restaurant, theater; two historic houses, nature center, and fossil site/science center. However, staff and financial resources have not kept pace. In fact, staff resources have dwindled as the Museum facilities have expanded. To thrive - in fact, to survive - we must focus our efforts and strengthen our capacity to serve diverse audiences.

Our first step in setting the tone for the future was to address our root problem: too many commitments, too few resources. With this in mind, we assessed every aspect of the PPFM, including facilities, the visitor experience, finances, and our community - both internal and external. It was these assessments that lead us to address our future. Essential to this plan is a financial and intellectual partnership among the PPFM, City of Memphis, foundations, corporations, universities, and other cultural institutions that will be involved in securing the resources necessary to make this project a reality for the community and the region.