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CTI 3D Giant Theater

The Memphis Pink Palace Family of Museums' CTI 3D Giant Theater uses RealD 3D digital, provided by D3D. 

Steve Pike, Director of the Pink Palace Family of Museums, said “We chose D3D over other integrators because of their experience in giant screen upgrades and their commitment to excellence. The giant screen has been an essential part of the Pink Palace’s mission for years, and we want to ensure the transition to digital is a seamless process that provides the best quality end product for our customers. D3D has proven they can deliver on all of these levels.”

The system features a state-of-the-art Barco 4K single-projector solution featuring RealD’s XLW 3D system and a premium QSC multichannel audio system, providing an unparalleled viewer experience along with substantially-increased functionality.

The CTI 3D Giant Theater is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.  At present, we have a total of 27 assistive listening devices. Nine of these devices (Captiview) provide closed captions. We also have 18 devices that enhance the volume for those visitors with hearing issues and those devices are also designed to provide a descriptive narrative of on screen actions on an additional audio channel.  At the present, not all of the documentary movies we have shown in the theater have been digitally encoded by the documentary movie distributor with the necessary codes for the Captiview closed caption device and the DoReMi descriptive narrative capabilities. We have been informed that in the near future more documentary movies are being encoded with closed caption viewer Captiview and the DoReMi descriptive narrative features. The theater will also provide hearing impaired customers with a copy of the movie’s script with a red flashlight, for low light level reading.  Customers in need of these devices should call our reservations number, (901)636-2362, so that we can make appropriate accommodations to serve their needs.