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Mallory-Neely Windows Unveiled!

Windows Unveiled!

After 164 years of wind, rain and friction, these windows were due for a facelift.  Great care was taken when planning the restoration of the home. Historically accurate repairs are of utmost importance!  Therefore, the starting point was the commitment we made to follow the National Preservation Standards for the Repair of Historic Wooden Windows, in addition to the selection of a project team who are experts in the field of preservation. 

During the 18-month-long intensive repair process, our contractor, D.W. McAlister, removed individual window sashes from their frames one room at a time.  Cracked and peeling paint was removed, and rotted wood on sashes and surrounding frames was patched, sanded and repainted.  Wood beyond repair and missing parts were replaced with pieces matching originals.  Fresh paint was applied, and the repaired sashes were re-installed.  Even the interior louvered shutters were included on the repair list and received help.

Rooms have been put back in order and the “dust has settled.” Now, our house looks just as pristine as it did when it was built 164 years ago!

Visit The Mallory-Neely House at 652 Adams Avenue to enjoy the windows and more in all of their 19th-century glory! 

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