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YOU Can Make a Difference!

With your help,

Every child will make fun memories and learn.

No child will be excluded due to a family’s inability to pay.

Through the Open Doors, Open Minds program, the Museum admission fee is waived for children who attend Title I schools.

Children whose families are disadvantaged, at risk, struggling.

Museum admission is no-cost for these children, but it is not free.  Though heavily discounted, there are expenses.

This is where your gift of $1,000, $500, $100 or whatever size gift makes a tangible difference.

You will literally open the door for a child and provide an exciting field trip experience.

Don’t shut out the children!  Think of your enjoyment on Field Trip Day.  Think of all the things children see and do, together, in a ‘lively learning’ environment.

Participating on a Museum Field Trip matters:

for the children of the Mid-South,

for the families they will raise,

and for their future impact as productive citizens.

You may never meet the child who will be impacted by your gift. 

But you will see the difference in Memphis as these children grow up and become our next generation of employees and employers, parents and teachers, consumers and leaders.

Please make your gift of $1,000, $500, $100 or whatever works for your budget.

On behalf of every child who will show up on Field Trip Day with an eager smile, thank you.

Click to Donate Now 

Please send your gift today.  You will feel so good knowing you are making a difference.

Donate Now Online, Mail or Call:

Cathi Johnson, Director of Philanthropy
Cathi.Johnson [at] memphistn [dot] gov  

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