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Emergency Operations During COVID-19 Closure

From: Kevin Thompson, Executive Director, Pink Palace Museum

Date: May 6, 2020

Your Museum of Science & History - Pink Palace is facing a dire economic challenge.

Your friends and neighbors work here, your customers and church pals, the young and old, mid-towners and suburbanites. And since the city shut down mid-March, each one has been paid. Not one lay-off.

We immediately moved to bare-bones operations. Salaries first. Essential spending second. That's about $200,000 every month.

We were successful in receiving emergency salary funding through the Paycheck Protection Program. That money runs out mid-June.

While shuttered, there is no source for earned revenue.

And when we do re-open, local visitors may be slow to return.

Schools are closed and field trips are not being scheduled for the fall.

Tourists... well, we all look forward to the tourist rebound.

In 6 weeks, our reserves will be depleted.

Lay-offs and furloughs will become a necessity.

Programs will end and facilities will close.

But it doesn't have to come to that!

If you care about the museum family, We need you now, more than ever before. I'm asking you to help ensure the future of your Museum of Science & History - Pink Palace.

Please send a gift today for emergency fund support. Please be generous.

Without your support, the future of this family of museums is too dire to overstate.


Contact me if you'd like. I'd welcome the opportunity to chat with you.
kevin.thompson [at] memphistn [dot] gov 


Kevin Thompson
Executive Director
Pink Palace Museum

Please send your gift today.  You will feel so good knowing you are making a difference.

Our online donation site it being renovated. Please Mail or Call:

Kelly Blount, Philanthropy/Grant Writer
kelly.blount [at] memphistn [dot] gov 


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