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The Pink Palace Museum: Your Past/Present/Future

You came here as a kid, now you bring your own.  

Someday, your grandkids will have the same experience, in a brand new way. 

Where dinosaurs meet the future—that’s the Pink Palace of tomorrow.


If you haven’t been to see us lately, you really should:  we’re moving towards the future with some pretty cool upgrades, like Full Dome Video technology in the Planetarium, and 3D digital films in the Giant Theater.  IMAX technology is no longer the best we can offer you, so we’ve improved this too.  It’s not the museum you grew up with!

What’s next for the Pink Palace?  It’s time to renovate!  We’re bringing new life to this old Mansion, with re-designed galleries and new exhibits.  Then we’re off to the Exhibition Building, for a complete overhaul of the galleries and the exterior. 

So why should you contribute to the Pink Palace?   You came here as a kid, maybe you bring your kids here now, and you want this place to be around for your grandkids.  We’re looking towards tomorrow—let’s go there together!

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Gifts to the Pink Palace Museum (Memphis Museums, Inc. 1 501(c)3 are fully tax deductible as allowable by IRS regulations.

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