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Join The Pink Palace Family of Museums!


Do you want to visit the Pink Palace Museum, Lichterman Nature Center, and our Historic Houses for free for a year?  

How about  planetarium shows under our new Autozone Dome or movies in the CTI 3D Giant Theater for free or a discounted rate?

Then you need to be a member! 

You can even use your membership in over 360 other ASTC affiliated museums around the world! Search the ASTC List.

If you know what level you are interested in, go straight to Join Today. Otherwise, we have listed some information on each level below to help you decide.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN TODAY!  or call 901-636-2406

Give the Gift of Membership - Special

Get a 10% discount or extra passes when you purchase a Gift Membership for someone else in November or December!

Buy any level Gift Membership for someone, Individual/Dual and up, and get 10% off the purchase price. If you would rather get extra passes in lieu of the discount, you can do that. You will receive:

  • One extra pass for an Individual/Dual gift membership
  • Two extra passes for a Family Level gift membership
  • Three extra passes for a Club Level gift membership or above.

You may choose extra Movie Theater passes or Planetarium passes, just let us know which you would like. 

Collect your recipient's mailing information and call us at 901-636-2406, or come by the Membership Office, for more information and to purchase a gift membership. (We will also need their spouse's or second adult's name and the number of related children under 18 years of age.) You may purchase online but we will only be able to give you passes, not the discount.

What's the Best Level for You?

All the levels below have the following benefits unless otherwise noted:

  • Free access to the Pink Palace Museum, Lichterman Nature Center, and our Historic Houses ("facilities" )
  • Discounts and passes for movies and shows in the CTI 3D Giant Theater and the AutoZone Dome at the Sharpe Planetarium. (Discount on Laser Shows, passes can't be used.)
  • Discounts on most events and classes and in the MetroEats Cafe and Museum Store
  • Exhibit opening parties
  • Movie opening parties for Club Level and above.
  • SCOPE Magazine subscription
  • ASTC Benefits - Access to 360 museums worldwide

E-Member - This level allows access to our facilities for one person, and discounts on movies, shows, events/classes, and in the MetroEats Cafe and Museum Store. It does not include other benefits listed above. It is completely email based.

Individual/Dual - This level allows you and a guest, whether adult or child, access to our facilities. It includes all benefits above and you will receive 2 Movie and 2 Planetarium passes.

(Plus Packages - You can add 1 or 2 additional guests to the following levels (Family - Director's Circle) for $20 each. These guests can be named or not names. One named person on the membership will need to be present to use the membership.)

Family - This level allows 2 adults and up to 10 RELATED children access to our facilities. It includes all benefits above and you will receive 4 Movie and 4 Planetarium passes.

Club - This level allows 2 adults and up to 10 RELATED children access to our facilities. It includes all benefits above and you will receive 6 Movie, 6 Planetarium and 6 Museum Guest passes. In addition to the exhibit opening parties, you and everyone on your membership, will be invited to opening parties for our documentary movies. These parties are free to attend so you can save your passes and discount to see other movies later on.  

The following are Donor Level Memberships and include all benefits of the Club Level plus additional passes. You will also be invited to donor level events. 

Palace Guard - Includes 8 Movie, 8 Planetarium and 8 Museum Guest passes

Benefactors-  Includes 10 Movie, 10 Planetarium and 10 Museum Guest passes

Advocate -  Includes 12 Movie, 12 Planetarium and 12 Museum Guest passes

Director's Circle -  Includes 15 Movie, 15 Planetarium and 15 Museum Guest passes

CLICK HERE TO JOIN TODAY! or call 901-636-2406


You may elect to auto-renew your membership. This option is on the payment part of the membership online form. By selecting this option, you are stating that you understand that your credit card account will be charged automatically when your membership expires the following year. If you choose to enroll in this program, we will give you a 10% discount (or whatever promotion we are offering if applicable) when we renew you next year. Please make sure your credit card is not about to expire.