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Birding opportunities at Lichterman Nature Center

December 27, 2017

Birding opportunities at Lichterman Nature Center

Over 120 species of birds have been documented on Lichterman Nature Center’s 65 acre property, including 20 warbler species, Blue-headed vireos, Ring-neck ducks and Rusty blackbirds. Check out what birds are being seen at Lichterman Nature Center.

Even on rainy days, visitors can experience the birds of Memphis as soon as they enter the visitor center.  Mounted Canada and Snow geese soar overhead and greet visitors. A few more steps inside reveals an array of mounts including common birds of the Mid-South, Bald and Golden eagles, and an endangered Ivory-billed woodpecker.  

Two bird feeding stations provide numerous examples of bird feeder styles and seeds.  Their location near the visitor center windows and balconies provides accessible bird viewing options.

The property is managed with a “hands off” attitude when appropriate, leaving standing snags and rotting logs to attract beneficial insects and birds. Native shrub beds and larval host beds attract insects and provide food and shelter for birds and other wildlife.  Purple Martin gourds, Eastern Bluebird boxes, and Wood Duck boxes are located throughout the property to offer additional shelter and nesting opportunities for birds. 

In addition to providing examples on how to manage land for birds and other wildlife in an urban setting, Lichterman offers a number of on and offsite programs focused on birding for both children and adults.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Tennessee Ornithological Society and Carol Lee and Joe Royer, LNC offers (at no charge) binoculars and field guides to borrow while on the property. 

The annual Birds & Seeds event is held the last Saturday in January, visitors can attend a beginner bird watching class, learn to use binoculars, or just wander the trails around the lake or through the forest.   

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