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These programs are available by RESERVATION ONLY: 901.636.2221 or nature.reservations@memphistn.gov

Amphibians: The Original Transformers!

Explore the fascinating world of amphibians. Journey through the life of an amphibian as it makes its transformation from tadpole in the water to an adult on land. Listen to frog calls. Compare a frog to a toad. Live animals.

Going Batty

Where do these flying mammals live? What do they eat? How do they hunt? Bat myths dispelled; bat adaptations explained. Discover the many good things bats do for our environment. Preserved specimens. 

Buzzing Bees

A hive is more than a buzz of activities; it’s a complex community. Become a member of the hive. Honey is a sweet treat that bees work all summer to make. Do the bee waggle dance to tell hive mates where to find nectar. Learn the important role of bees in plant pollination. Preserved specimens. 

Birds: Our Feathered Friends

Take a bird’s eye view of our feathered friends. Discover why birds are unique and important. What makes a bird a bird? Feathers, beaks, feet, songs and nests are part of the story. Learn to identify birds by appearance and calls. Live animal and preserved specimens. 

Beautiful Butterflies

What is a butterfly? What do they eat? How do butterflies see, taste and smell? Compare butterflies and moths. Follow a butterfly’s life cycle. Turn a classmate into a butterfly and become a butterfly yourself! Preserved specimens. 

Marvelous Mammals

What makes a mammal a mammal? Why do mammals need fur? Identify common characteristics of mammals. Dress up as a beaver and learn what features help mammals to survive. Live animal. 

From Seeds to Plants

Plants make flowers and seeds to reproduce, but each plant has a different way of doing this. How do plants survive in a world of hungry bugs and animals? What would the world be like without plants?

Poking in the Pond

Ponds are rich habitats that support a diversity of life. Discover who lives in and around the pond – and how they survive in their watery world. Learn which animals live in the pond as kids and who spends their whole life underwater. Dress up as a water bug. Live animals and preserved specimens. 

Reptiles: Scutes and Scales

Get up close and personal with cold-blooded critters. Meet a local snake and turtle. Explore characteristics of these special animals and learn about their many unique adaptations. Live animals.

Spectacular Spiders

There is something creepy, yet wonderful, about spiders. Few creatures are as feared and misunderstood as these arachnids. Learn all about these fascinating creatures. Discover what they eat, where they live and how they survive. Do all spiders spin webs? Become a spider with your classmates. Live animal. 

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