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Nature Lab: Water Ecology

Water Ecology

Enjoy the best of both worlds bringing outdoor observations into the lab classroom. In this hands-on series, students develop science and technology processing skills by learning to use laboratory equipment and recording observations. Students apply the Scientific Method to draw data-driven conclusions from their outdoor field studies.  

(Grades 5 – 8)  

Available March - November.

High school groups welcome. 

Pre and post-visit materials available.

Leap into lake life at Lichterman Nature Center!  Students learn field collection techniques for sampling water, collecting aquatic invertebrates and testing water quality of Mertie’s Lake for parameters including pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature and turbidity. Students then work in the lab area to investigate hypotheses and experiments measuring and recording abiotic and biotic factors to describe the water quality of the Lake using the Scientific Method, technology and math skills.

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