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Activities at Home April 2021- August 2021

Bad Egg

How can you tell a bad egg from fresh eggs without breaking them?

Bad Egg - Activity at Home

Soda Bottle Diver

Create a diver in a bottle!

Soda Bottle Diver - Activity at Home

Marshmallow Puff Tube

Design the optimal marshmallow shooting device!

Marshmallow Puff Tube - Activities at Home

Float Your Boat

Design and build an unsinkable boat!

Float Your Boat - Activity at Home

Designer Ears

Explore different ear designs based on the real life ears of animals! 

Designer Ears - Activity at Home

Chain Reaction Contraption

Design and build a Rube Goldberg machine.

Chain Reaction Contraption - Activity at Home

Magic Naked Egg

Use your naked egg to learn about osmosis.

Magic Naked Egg - Activity at Home

Salt or Sugar

Simulate one method scientists use to discover planets orbiting distant stars.

Salt or Sugar - Activity at Home

Browning The Apple

Investigate the effect that oxygen has on fruit.

Browning The Apple - Activity at Home


Lemons Suds

Create a simple chemical reaction from household materials.

Lemons Suds - Activity at Home

Naked Egg

Learn what eggshells are made of.

Naked Egg - Activity at Home

Make a Twanger

Find out how instruments make different notes and sounds! 

Make a Twanger - Activity at Home

Sound Cannon

Blow out a candle with sound!

Sound Cannon - Activity at Home

Triple T Kazoo

Make your own kazoo!

Triple T Kazoo - Activity at Home

How Can You See Sound?

Make a drum that can help you see sound!

How Can You See Sound? - Activity at Home

Fish Line Music

Discover the relationship between the rate (speed)of vibration and the pitch (high to low) of sound.

Fish Line Music - Activity at Home

Windowsill Garden

Explore how plants use water, nutrients,and energy from the sun to grow.

Windowsill Garden - Activity at Home

Waterproof Shoe

Make your shoes waterproof using an idea from nature.

Waterproof Shoe - Activity at Home

Grow an Avocado Tree

Observe the life cycle of an avocado.

Grow an Avocado Tree - Activity at Home

Comparing Soil

Discover the role fertilizer plays in helping plants grow.

Comparing Soil - Activity at Home

Ant Farm

Build your own ant colony and observe their behavior.

Ant Farm - Activity at Home

Bumpy Bacteria

How do bacteria help some plants live?

Bumpy Bacteria - Activity at Home

Sideways Seedlings

Plant stems grow upward! But do you know why?

Sideways Seedlings - Activity at Home

Mold Growth

Use bread to see how different factors effect mold growth.

Mold Growth - Activity at Home

Save That Soil

How are different types of land surfaces affected by rainfall?

Save That Soil - Activity at Home


How does a penicillium mold grow and what does it look like?

Floaters - Activity at Home

Glitter Slime

Create glitter slime to replicate how mucus traps pathogens. 

Glitter Slime - Activity at Home

Pro Team Proteins

Create a gelatin ball that exhibits similar properties to cartilage and tendons. 

Pro Team Proteins - Activity at Home

Sweet Measurements

See how much sugar is in a bottle of soda.

Sweet Measurements - Activity at Home

Facts on Fats

Create a food journal to track what you eat and maintain a balanced diet. 

Facts on Fats - Activity at Home

How Much Fat

Observe how much fat is in some foods. 

How Much Fat - Activity at Home

Seed Dispersal

Observe how plants move seeds from one place to another.

Seed Dispersal - Activity at Home

Habitat Diorama

Create a suitable habitat for the animal of your choice.

Habitat Diorama - Activity at Home

Make Your Own Compost

Observe microbial decomposition by making your own compost.

Make Your Own Compost - Activity at Home

Seeds in The Wind

Observe how seeds can disperse in the wind.

Seeds in The Wind - Activity at Home

Beak Adaptions

Discover which beak shape is the best for eating different seeds.

Beak Adaptions - Activity at Home

Use Your Beak

Find out what beaks are best for particular foods!

Use Your Beak - Activity at Home

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