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Activities at Home - April 2021

How Much Fat

Observe how much fat is in some foods. 

How Much Fat - Activity at Home

Seed Dispersal

Observe how plants move seeds from one place to another.

Seed Dispersal - Activity at Home

Habitat Diorama

Create a suitable habitat for the animal of your choice.

Habitat Diorama - Activity at Home

Make Your Own Compost

Observe microbial decomposition by making your own compost.

Make Your Own Compost - Activity at Home

Seeds in The Wind

Observe how seeds can disperse in the wind.

Seeds in The Wind - Activity at Home

Beak Adaptions

Discover which beak shape is the best for eating different seeds.

Beak Adaptions - Activity at Home

Use Your Beak

Find out what beaks are best for particular foods!

Use Your Beak - Activity at Home

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