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Activities at Home

Moon Phase Flashlight

Get a close-up look at the different phases of the moon.

Moon Phase Flashlight - Activity at Home

Create a Sundial

Use the sun to tell time.

Create a Sundial - Activity at Home

Celestial Connect the Dots

Learn about constellations.

Celestial Connect the Dots - Activity at Home

Astronaut Glove Box

Create a glove box to study rocks like an astronaut.

Astronaut Glove Box - Activity at Home

The Wobbler

Use eggs to demonstrate how the composition of the Earth affects its motion.

The Wobbler - Activity at Home


Determine why seismic waves move slowly through sand.

Slower - Activity at Home

Sedimentary Sandwich

Demonstrate a sedimentary rock formation with household items.

Sedimentary Sandwich - Activity at Home

Paleontology at Home

Learn how trace fossils are formed and make your own!

Paleontology at Home - Activity at Home

The Bulging Ball

Determine why the Earth bulges at the Equator.

The Bulging Ball - Activity at Home

Backwards Blow

One of the predictable properties of matter is that it seeks to be in balance. See how this relates to air pressure.

Backwards Blow - Activity at Home

Home Theater

Learn about light's properties by creating your own home theater out of a shoebox and magnifying glass!

Home Theater - Activity at Home

Density Parfait

Liquids of different densities do not mix, and less dense liquids float on top of more dense ones. See for yourself.

Density Parfait - Activity at Home

Shape Up

How does the shape of a lens affect its magnification? Try this experiment and find out.

Shape Up - Activity at Home

Runaway Pepper

Have you ever observed spiders or tiny insects walking across the surface of water in a pond or mud puddle? Are the bugs really “walking on water”? Learn how they do it!

Runaway Pepper - Activity at Home

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