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Activities at Home

Invisible Ink

Use a chemical reaction to uncover a secret message.

Invisible Ink - Activity at Home

Floating Ice

Discover how materials can behave differently when their state of matter changes.

Floating Ice - Activity at Home

Magic Floating Carrot

Explore density by creating a solution.

Magic Floating Carrot - Activity at Home

Chemistry Rocks

Explore solutions and crystals while making your own rock candy!

Chemistry Rocks - Activity at Home

Disappearing Candy

Discover how temperature effects how things dissolve.

Disappearing Candy - Activity at Home

Up in The Clouds

Learn the many different types of clouds.

Up in The Clouds - Activity at Home

Touchable Rain Clouds

Learn what it takes to make a rain cloud.

Touchable Rain Clouds - Activity at Home

Mini Vortex

Determine what conditions create a vortex.

Mini Vortex - Activity at Home

Go Bag Challenge

Determine what it takes to be prepared for dangerous weather conditions.

Go Bag Challenge - Activity at Home

Mixing Up a Storm

Determine what conditions create a thunderstorm.

Mixing Up a Storm - Activity at Home

Smelly Balloons

Smells are made of nano-sized molecules.

Smelly Balloons - Activity at Home

Ready, Set, Fizz!

Surface area effects chemical reactions.

Ready, Set, Fizz! - Activity at Home

Rainbow Films

Light reacts differently with nano-sized surfaces.

Rainbow Films - Activity at Home

Mitten Challenge

Determine why nanoscientists need special tools.

Mitten Challenge - Mitten Challenge

Measure Up

A nanometer is a billionth of a meter.

Measure Up - Activity at Home

Waist Twists

Flexibility affects how far your muscles can stretch and how easy it is to do other exercises.

Waist Twists - Activity at Home

Dissolving Carbs

Different carbs break down in different ways once we eat them.

Dissolving Carbs - Activity at Home

Serving Size

Packages of the same size can have very different serving sizes.

Serving Size - Activity at Home


Endurance affects how much activity you can do without getting tired.

Lunges - Activity at Home

Burning Calories

Calories fuel us, but sometimes we need to burn extra calories off.

Burning Calories - Activity at Home


Create your own anemometer to measure wind speed.

Anemometer - Activity at Home


Create your own thermometer to measure the temperature.

Thermometer - Activity at Home


Create your own barometer to measure atmospheric air pressure.

Barometer - Activity at Home


Build your own hygrometer to measure atmospheric humidity (water in the air).

Hygrometer - Activity at Home

Weather Journal

Create and keep a weather journal using the weather instruments you created.

Weather Journal - Activity at Home

Where's That Exoplanet?

Simulate one method scientists use to discover planets orbiting distant stars.

Where's That Exoplanet? - Activity at Home

Straw Rockets

Practice engineering and design by making your own rockets.

Straw Rockets - Activity at Home

Planetary Scale

Use familiar objects to determine the Science relative size of planets in our solar system.

Planetary Scale - Activity at Home

Greater Craters

Determine how craters form and what they can tell us about the object that made them.

Greater Craters - Activity at Home

Astronaut Lander

Determine what it takes to protect astronauts from landing impact.

Astronaut Lander - Activity at Home

Capillary Action

Observe how roots give water to the rest of the tree.

Capillary Action - Activity at Home

Aquifer in Cup

Make a model of the Memphis Sand Aquifer.

Aquifer in  Cup - Activity at Home

DIY Terrarium

Create your own mini ecosystem!

DIY Terrarium - Activity at Home

Homemade Bug Vacuum

Discover biodiversity in your own backyard!

Homemade Bug Vacuum - Activity at Home

Dissect a Flower

Use this Spring to learn about plants!

Dissect a Flower - Activity at Home

Anti-Gravity Water

See the effects of pressure and chemistry attractive forces on water.

Anti-Gravity Water - Activity at Home

Growing and Shrinking Egg

Discover osmosis by observing it in action.

Growing and Shrinking Egg - Activity at Home

Colorful Chemistry

Discover "what makes a color," using a Chemistry real laboratory technique.

Colorful Chemistry - Activity at Home

Chemistry Keeps you Clean

Water alone has a hard time removing dirt and germs from your hands. Learn why soap helps. 

Chemistry Keeps you Clean - Activity at Home

Gum & Chocolate

Discover how different materials behave and change, and how they interact with each other.

Gum & Chocolate - Activity at Home

Pocket Solar System

Model our cosmic neighborhood.

Pocket Solar System - Activity at Home

Moon Phase Flashlight

Get a close-up look at the different phases of the moon.

Moon Phase Flashlight - Activity at Home

Create a Sundial

Use the sun to tell time.

Create a Sundial - Activity at Home

Celestial Connect the Dots

Learn about constellations.

Celestial Connect the Dots - Activity at Home

Astronaut Glove Box

Create a glove box to study rocks like an astronaut.

Astronaut Glove Box - Activity at Home

The Wobbler

Use eggs to demonstrate how the composition of the Earth affects its motion.

The Wobbler - Activity at Home


Determine why seismic waves move slowly through sand.

Slower - Activity at Home

Sedimentary Sandwich

Demonstrate a sedimentary rock formation with household items.

Sedimentary Sandwich - Activity at Home

Paleontology at Home

Learn how trace fossils are formed and make your own!

Paleontology at Home - Activity at Home

The Bulging Ball

Determine why the Earth bulges at the Equator.

The Bulging Ball - Activity at Home

Backwards Blow

One of the predictable properties of matter is that it seeks to be in balance. See how this relates to air pressure.

Backwards Blow - Activity at Home

Home Theater

Learn about light's properties by creating your own home theater out of a shoebox and magnifying glass!

Home Theater - Activity at Home

Density Parfait

Liquids of different densities do not mix, and less dense liquids float on top of more dense ones. See for yourself.

Density Parfait - Activity at Home

Shape Up

How does the shape of a lens affect its magnification? Try this experiment and find out.

Shape Up - Activity at Home

Runaway Pepper

Have you ever observed spiders or tiny insects walking across the surface of water in a pond or mud puddle? Are the bugs really “walking on water”? Learn how they do it!

Runaway Pepper - Activity at Home

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