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Crafters on The Mezzanine

Crafters on The Mezzanine

THIS SATURDAY & SUNDAY - 10:30am - 4:00pm    -  SUNDAY- NOON - 4PM

Each Saturday & Sunday, until November 1, you can enjoy demonstrations and activities from some of the Pink Palace Crafts Fair’s master craftspeople and purchase their creations. Join us on the mezzanine and experience the creativity of local craftspeople and do some early holiday shopping.

Admission to Pop Up Shop and Crafters on The Mezzanine is free. Tickets are required to view exhibits and Mansion.

October 31 & November 1 Featured Artists

Donna Hathaway- Leather

Brigette Lang- Fiber Arts- Knitting & Felting 

Jessica Mahan- 2D Art- Painting 

Teresa Merriman- 3D Mixed Media- Journals

Dorothy Northern- Jewelry

Cara Van Leuven- 2D Art- Painting

Donna Hathaway - Lakeland Leatherworks


After several career changes, Donna and Tom Hathaway opened a leather shop in 2010. Tom began leatherwork at the age of eight, studying under master craftsman Don Atkinson. Atkinson kept his horses at Donna’s parent’s home. Donna and Tom met while showing horses and married while in college. After college, Tom drifted away from leatherwork became a police officer and Donna a registered nurse. Over the years, the couple made several career changes; Tom left law enforcement, and went into banking and real estate. Donna obtained her Ph.D., conducted research in the field of organ transplantation, and was Dean of Nursing at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Brigitte Lang – Knitting and Felting

I learned to knit at the age of 5. I remember trying really hard, but was no good at it until I was about 8 years old. From there on, there was no turning back.  As a teenager, I also started spinning and later dying my own yarns. My knit wear collection includes all of these elements.  

​All the designs you see here are my original patterns. My designs have been published in various knitting books and some are available under my name on Ravelry. A few of my original patterns were sold to yarn companies.

I usually teach knitting at my store (Rainbow Yarn & Fibres in Germantown) – just not at this time due to COVID restrictions. 


Jessica Mahan - Painter

I am a traveling artist with a home base in Memphis, Tennessee. When I’m not painting in my Midtown Memphis studio, I often take long camping trips in my large converted camper van to inspiring locations to hike, paint and find solitude. My inspiration is found in the natural world, where I slow down and examine shapes, colors, movement, rhythms and light

This particular photo was taken during a trip to Abiquiu, New Mexico. I visited the home and location of Georgia O'Keefe’s inspiration later in her life at Ghost Ranch. Pedernal Mountain is a famous landmark in many of her paintings and I traveled to many locations around the mountain to paint different views and take photos. This particular location was a stop down a long and slow dirt road on public lands that led 13 miles to the Monastery of the Desert. I stopped here to capture this view of Pedernal mountain in paint before continuing the long journey to the Monastery and later finding a place to camp for the night along the Chama river.

My study of nature is vividly and whimsically expressed onto canvas using fluid mediums. If I am unsure where to start, I begin by observing the organic flow of paint and patterns created by puddling the paint or adding surface texture. I then spend hours adding fine details and sometimes hidden symbols, inviting the viewer to a close study, as well. My goal is to create vivid paintings that might inspire others to appreciate all that nature can provide our well-being and interpret the world around us.


Teresa Merriman - Mind’s Eye Journals


I’ve come to realize that my artistic talents are not entirely innate. Some are indeed born unto me while others transpired through practice and through, I believe, sharpening my ability to listen to that voice within, which sometimes feels rather like a foreign visitor than an indigenous component of my spirit.

When we look upon a piece of art we are profoundly drawn to, we often wonder where that idea came from and how in the world the artist helped this idea emerge into existence.  Any artist can trace back in time to the point when they felt the spark, heard the voice, or when “it came to them.”  The “it” to me, is that foreign, impalpable thing, disguised as your own voice but is truly an ethereal miracle determined to come to the spectacle of the human eye through its delivery to the proper, capable, listening artist.

And what is an artist?  To me, an artist is one who acknowledges and identifies their intrinsic talents and applies them in practice in order to build an aptitude, a bridge over the gap between those natural endowments and their honed skill, and with this harmonious moxie, an artist is one who is in concert with those mystical sublime muses, all for the sake of creation. 

As an artist, I believe it is my daily responsibility to not only qualify for such concerts but to play an active role in these noble events.  As a bookbinder, I believe I must inspire and encourage the inherent creative tendencies that reside within us all by composing a blank journal, a sacred housing, a companion, for the boundless creativity that you, my friend, dare to bring to fruition.


Dorothy Northern

My name is Dorothy Northern, I'm from Memphis,TN. I sign my work under the artist name Dorothy Northern. 

I find inspiration in many places and have traveled to Australia, Cambodia, Czech Republic, France, Italy, New Zealand, Scandinavia, Scotland, South Africa, Tunisia and Vietnam which has influenced my creative style and process. I create art because I dream about finished works and try to create them when I’m awake. A visionary approach to organized chaos. I specialize in silver and gemstones and I focus on creating Talismans and Amulets. I also enjoy working with Drawing, Painting and occasionally beadwork.

My art style is eclectic and spontaneous. A juxtaposition of rustic and refined.  I am motivated by all genres of art, color theory, food, the natural world and travel. I have been creating art since childhood. I come from a legacy of highly creative women. My favorite artists are Franz Kline, Remedios Varo, Mark Rothko and many others, the list is apt to change daily. I find their work expresses mystery and movement!  I connect with the art community by exhibiting work regionally. My work is on display at T. Clifton Gallery, Diane’s, and WinterArts.

When people see my work, I hope they experience joy.  My work is one of a kind. Each item should feel like a sculpture curated specifically for the person wearing the adornment. I want the wearer to feel the love and intent of each item I construct.

Cara Van Leuven - CARA VL EQUINE ART


Cara’s work reflects her passions — horses, dogs and life with her husband on a small farm in Southern Illinois. Despite feeling like a natural country girl, decades of her adult life were spent in the heart of cities. It was in an un-rehabbed loft in downtown St. Louis where Cara first began to paint while working as a carriage driver. 

Cara balances her time between painting, living a full life with her husband, competitively jumping and starting horses all while trying to maintain order between border collies, geese, ducks and barn cats.

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