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Virtual Trivia Nights

Virtual Trivia Nights

Thursdays at 7 pm - hosted on Zoom.

Cost - $10 per team of 1 family or 2-4 people

Prizes awarded for first, second and third place.


Here is how it works...

- At approximately 5:00 on the day of your scheduled Trivia Night, a Zoom Link will be sent to the registered participant.  

- At 7:00, you will use that link to get to the Zoom Meeting room for the trivia game.  

- There will be some introductions at the beginning of the hour, to give folks time to get logged in and prepared.  

- Please turn off your microphone (mute yourself) unless you need to ask me a question (which is totally fine).   

- You can add your team name – instructions on how to do that will be provided in the introductions.

- Out staff will read the questions one at a time, then give you a short time to send the answers through the chat feature. 

- To submit answers, you will be using the chat feature to send them only to the designated staff person.  If you do not pick just her name, everyone playing will see your answer! More instructions will be provided if necessary during the introduction.

- Please be honest and only use your/your teams knowledge.

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