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Finding Your Human Ancestors

From discoveries made at different locations in Africa, Europe and Asia, scientists have found evidence of how our ancestors evolved. 

As pieces of the puzzle fall into place, a picture of human evolution emerges--dating back through almost seven million years.

Follow your human roots and see for yourself what we know from these fascinating fossils.

The Pink Palace Family of Museums recognizes that the theory of evolution is the foundation of biology and many other branches of science. The principles of evolution have been tested repeatedly and found to be valid according to scientific criteria. Evolution is the best scientific explanation of human and nonhuman biology and the key to understanding the origin and development of life. 

The Memphis Pink Palace Family of Museums respects the right of people to hold diverse religious beliefs, including those who reject evolution as matters of theology or faith. Stories of some of those religious beliefs will be explained in some of the museum’s programs and exhibits.  These beliefs differ from and should not be presented as science or competing with science. Adapted from American Anthropological Association Statement on Evolution and Creationism (2002)

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