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Race to The End of the Earth

Race to The End of the Earth

Now through October 18, 2020 

Race to the End of the Earth recounts one of the most stirring tales in the annals of Antarctic exploration, the contest to reach the South Pole. This exhibition focuses on the challenges that the two leaders—Roald Amundsen on the Norwegian side and Robert Falcon Scott on the British—faced as they undertook their separate 1,800-mile journeys from the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf to the South Pole and back.

Dioramas, Photos, Paintings, Artifacts and more provide a rare look at the race to the South Pole. Highlights include clothing and equipment used by both crews during their journeys, life-sized models of portions of their base camps and a diorama featuring the largest penguin species alive today — the Emperor Penguin.

Hands-on activities help visitors of all ages understand what it would have been like to travel to the coldest place on Earth 100 years ago, as well as what it is like to conduct research there today. Visitors can choose a character card featuring a member of one of the expeditionary teams and, while moving through the exhibit, find clues about the character's experiences on the way to the South Pole. With the aid of touch-screen exhibits, visitors can explore photographs, drawings, and documents relating to the expeditions and the men who went south with Scott and Amundsen.

Come discover the full journey and see the expedition play out at the Pink Palace Museum. 

Exhibit from the American Museum of Natural History

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