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Behavior Guidelines

Behavior Guidelines

General Activity Guidelines
These guidelines are specifically created for educators and parents who will be visiting the museum with school groups and for musicians/performers who are hired for services within the Museum.

To ensure that all Museum guests enjoy their visit, we ask that you understand the following practices:

1. Considerate behavior is expected of all visitors.
2. You must comply with the directions of the staff and security.
3. In case of emergency, notify a staff member or security guard.
4. Exhibit capacity is at the discretion of the security guard.
5. Any group or individual whose behavior is disruptive will be asked to leave.

Below are descriptions of activities/items that are NOT permitted within the Museum. These rules are in place to assure the safety of the exhibits and the general public. Please ensure that your group/audience observe these limits. Staff and Security guards have the right to ask an individual to leave the Museum if the person does not observe the Museum’s policies.

Activities/items NOT permitted in Exhibits:

Foods and liquids
Chewing gum
Running, yelling or disruptive behavior
Backpacks and large bags, portfolios
Portable radios
Cell phone usage– only permitted in lobbies
Additional Lighting

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