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Discovery Theater Explorations

The museum’s Education Department offers Discovery Theater Explorations for groups of 33-100 students. Just like our labs, these programs utilize object-based demonstrations and activities to teach science and social studies concepts for grades K-8. Program content is aligned with Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Catholic Diocese of Memphis curriculum standards. Programs are 45-60 minute programs in length.

Please call 901.636.2362 to reserve a Discovery Theater program. 

The Magic of Science: Teacher Guide

Hold a balloon aloft in a stream of air. Use static electricity to light a fluorescent tube and stand a student’s hair on end. Participate in physical science demonstrations that motivate students to hypothesize “how” and “why”. (Grades 2–6)

Dinosaurs & Fossils: Teacher Guide

Explore the life of dinosaurs by examining fossils. Compare their skulls, teeth, claws and size. Investigate the “dino” diet and touch real dinosaur eggs and bones.(Grades K–3)

Learning Labels: Teacher Guide

Proteins, carbohydrates, fats – Oh My! Don’t forget serving sizes and calories! Come learn about nutrition labels and nutrients that are in the foods we eat. Your students are bound to make healthy food choices! (Grades 4-8) 
Sponsored by Baptist Memorial Health Care

Light & Color: Teacher Guide

It reflects, it refracts, it colors our world. Learn about the science of light. See how light bends through different materials. Play with mirrors to alter perception. Look through colored filters and observe changes. (Grades 3-8) 

Sound Science: Teacher Guide

Explore three requirements need to create sound. Use a slinky to demonstrate different types of waves. Find out how sound waves move through air and water. Learn how our ears interpret sound. (Grades K-8) 

Native Americans of the Mid-South: Teacher Guide

Touch buffalo hide. Inspect spear Points. Grind corn. Hear a Choctaw story. Use museum artifacts to experience how the earliest Americans lived, hunted, grew crops, formed dugout canoes and played games in the Mississippi Valley. (Grades K–5)

On the Mid-South Frontier: Teacher Guide

Split a roof shingle. Wash clothes against a metal washboard. Dance the Virginia Reel. Observe and participate in demonstrations of skills required for survival on the Mid-South frontier. (Grades 3–8)

Weather Whys: Teacher Guide

Prepare for dangerous weather. Investigate air pressure while a miniature tornado forms. Track wind directions and temperatures as volunteers create weather patterns on a huge forecast map. See how to set up a weather station. (Grades 1–8)

Journey to the Poles: Teacher Guide

From glaciers to reindeer, students discover the similarities and differences between the Arctic and Antarctic. Investigate the climate and explore the adaptations of the many animals living in these extreme environments. (Grades Pre-K-8)


    Dinosaurs and Fossils
        Grades K-3 »   
    It Bubbles, It Fizzes, It's Chemistry
          Grades 3-5 »
        Grades 6-8 »

    Journey to the Poles
       Grades K-2 »
       Grades 3-5 »
       Grades 6-8 »

    Learning Labels
       Grades 4-5 »
       Grades 6-8 »

    Light & Color
       Grades 3-5 »
       Grades 6-8 »

    Magic of Science
        Grades 2-6 »
    Native Americans of the Mid-South
        Grades K-2 » 
        Grades 3-5» 

    On the Mid-South Frontier
        Grades 3-5 »
        Grades 6-8 »
    Sound Science
        Grades K-2 »
        Grades 3-5 »
        Grades 6-8 »

    Weather Whys
        Grades 1-2 »
        Grades 3-5 »
        Grades 6-8 »

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