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The AutoZone Dome at the Sharpe Planetarium

AutoZone is helping the Pink Palace revolutionize the planetarium experience with full dome digital technology, drawing audiences into a new level of sight, sound and comfort. “AutoZone is incredibly proud to partner with the Pink Palace Family of Museums. The AutoZone Dome is a phenomenal addition to the growing array of attractions to stimulate innovation and creativity among Pink Palace visitors of all ages.” Larry Yeske, Vice President, Commercial Support, Customer Satisfaction, AutoZone, also feels the AutoZone Dome has staying power, “…and these visitors will return to explore and enjoy new programs.”

Steve Pike, Director of Museums, agrees, “The full-dome theater shows are spectacular, and they are only part of the story. Our new digital capacity makes the planetarium interactive. We can take you to the farthest corners of the known universe and anywhere else in it in the blink of an eye.”

Our new planetarium is one in a series of changes outlined in the Museum’s Master Plan. It began in March 2014 with the opening of our completely updated CTI 3D Giant Theater. Next came work in the Pink Palace Mansion and then, we are totally renovating the Museum. These big changes call for a big thank you as well. Kevin Thompson is President of the Pink Palace Family of Museums’ Board of Trustees.  “It's exciting to see the second phase of our master plan come to completion. The Board continues to improve the Museum's offerings to inspire and engage young and old about our natural world. I want to thank Ron Coleman (former president of the Pink Palace Board of Trustees) for his efforts on the capital campaign committee and our biggest partner, the city of Memphis, for their steadfast support,”

The Pink Palace Family of Museums is proud to partner with AutoZone in the AutoZone Dome at the Sharpe Planetarium!