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The Pink Palace Family of Museums occasionally places links to other websites on its own.  This is done as part of our mission to "inspire learning."  It is not an endorsement of the information or viewpoints you will find on the linked websites.

Astronomy Magazine: http://www.astronomy.com
From the publishers of Astronomy Magazine, this site contains news about recent astronomical events and discoveries, along with links to astronomy products and resources.

Sky and Telescope Magazine: http://www.skypub.com
Sky and Telescope Magazine presents this site dedicated to publishing recent discoveries and night sky event. The site also connects to distributers of astronomical products and resources.

SPACE.com focuses on news, information, education and entertainment. It is committed to a greater public understanding and enthusiasm about space and space-related subjects. SPACE.com maintains as central to its core mission the strongest possible support of education with a particular focus on mathematics and natural sciences, grades K-12.