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Show Schedule

The AutoZone Dome at The Sharpe Planetarium

After each presentation there will be a 10+ minute "star talk" using the Planetarium's digital database to show what is going on in the sky over the Mid-South, recent astronomical news and respond to questions from the audience. 

* Teacher's Choice shows run in the morning during the school year. They are chosen by teachers booking field trips. Call 901-636-2320 to confirm what show is playing and make a reservation. Teacher's Choice shows will include Sunstruck (Grades 4–12), We Are Aliens (Grades 4 –12), Perfect Little Planet (Grades 3 –5), Secret of the Cardboard Rocket (Grades 1-3), Black Holes (Grades 4 –12), Earth, Moon and Sun (Grades 4-12), LIFE: A Cosmic Story (Grades 4-12), Firefall (Grades 4–12), Astronaut (Grades 4–12), Seasonal Stargazing (Grades 4–12), One World, One Sky (Grades Pre-K–2), We are Aliens (Grades 4-12), We are Astronomers (Grades 4-12), Season of Light (all ages), We Are Astronomers (Grades 4 –12).