The sky is the limit with your help.

We need your support.

MoSH relies on donations, sponsorships, memberships and grassroots community support to grow and thrive as a top regional science and history museum. With the generous support of people like you, MoSH is able to provide intriguing exhibits, engaging events, educational programming and more to the public.

How Your Donation Helps


1. Educating our future Historians, Scientists, and Astronomers – $20

Talented and brilliant children and adults explore MoSH and its properties every day to become inspired about science, history, and astronomy. Your contribution helps keep these programs low cost and available to all of our future historians, scientists, and astronomers. Help us keep their dreams alive!

2. Restoring and Preserving our Collection – $50

You support will allow our curatorial staff to maintain and restore artifacts that represent Memphis and our region for visitors around the world to enjoy. Recently, donations from members and supporters allowed MoSH to bring the Mosasaur to life on display at our front gates welcoming everyone to MoSH.

3. MoSH for everyone- $100

MoSH believes that everyone should be allowed to learn about cultural and natural histories of our region. Contributions allow MoSH to reach all areas of our diverse community by uplifting and shedding light on the Memphis regional culture.