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The Pink Palace Crafts Fair

Come Shop, Play and Explore at the Pink Palace Crafts Fair! Presented by Bank of America

With over 100 craftsman featuring everything from wood-working, pottery, woven goods, glass work, jewelry and more, the 47th Annual Pink Palace Crafts Fair is an annual tradition celebrating the very best in crafts and art.  In addition to one-of-a-kind arts and crafts, the Fair features live music, food, beverages and kids activities including train rides, petting zoo and more. The Pink Palace Crafts is a great place for visitors to shop, play and explore.

Audubon Park • Friday - Sunday, October 11-13, 2019

Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 6pm
Sunday: 10am - 5pm



Volunteer and receive a free Crafts Fair t-shirt and free admission for the day!

Come out and volunteer at one of the best outdoor volunteer events in the city.  The Pink Palace Crafts Fair is the largest fundraising event for the Memphis Pink Palace Family of Museums. The dates are Friday October, 11 through Sunday October 13, 2019. This is a great volunteer event for groups, families, and individuals. Volunteers can sign up for 4-hour shifts and after your shift is over stay and enjoy live music, great food, and a unique shopping experience.

To view available volunteer areas or to sign up to volunteer please click on the link https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0a4ba4a829a4fb6-pink  or you can contact Janie Best Paraham @ 901-626-2438 or janie.paraham [at] memphistn [dot] gov  .

Check out our Manager of Public and Special Programs, Luke Ramsey, talking about all the great things we had at the 2018 Crafts Fair! 

Click here for 2019 Crafts Fair Application!


Click here for line-up and schedule of performers.

DEMONSTRATING CRAFTSMEN QUESTIONS - Explore more education opportunities at this year's Crafts Fair!

Visit the demonstrating craftsmen during the Crafts Fair and learn about their amazing crafts. Print these questions, bring them to the Crafts Fair and find the answers.

Congratulations to the 2018 Crafts Fair Merit Award Winners

Best of Show -  Bob & Donna Walter - Mixed Media *

Don Tran - Fiber * 

Craig & Tracy Wilson - Ceramics 

Tom Fox - 2D Photography *

Emma Knapp - Jewelry *

Jayne DeMarcay - Jewelry ** 

Jessica Tinsley - 2D Art * 

Teresa Merriman - Mixed Media **

Don and Louise Coulson - Metal 

Holt Lewis - Wood *

* First Time Exhibitors

** Repeat Winners


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Tickets available at the gate

Adults: $10

Seniors (60+): $8

Children 5-12: $5 (4 and under are FREE)

2 day pass: $17


2018 Sponsored by:

Pink Palace Crafts Fair Honored with American Craft Week Star Award

The American Craft Week 2016 Star Awards announced that the Pink Palace Crafts fair has won the Outstanding Legacy of Craft Education & Demonstrations Star Award! For over four decades, the Pink Palace Crafts Fair has remained a popular Memphis tradition. Our fair is entertainment with a purpose: historic crafts demonstrated, enjoyable performances on stage, hands-on learning, kids at play, museum exhibits on display and of course, lots of shopping!

We feel very proud to be honored with this award by American Crafts Week and we will continue to work for an ever-growing and exciting Crafts Fair for everyone!


Crafts Fair Merit Award Winners


Best of Show – Jim McGie (Wood Furniture)

Paula Marksbury (Glass)

Dorothy Northern (Jewelry)

Greg & Mindy Rhoads (Mixed Media)

Clay Bush (Fiber)

Obie Clark (Ceramics)

Craig & Tracy Wilson (Ceramics)

Tom Fox (2D-Photography)

Warren Glover (Metal-Knives)

Thomas & Pat Hooper (Metal-Pewter)



Jonh Deveer – Best of Show

John Armistead

Ron Olson

Nancy Eaves

Craig & Tracy Wilson

Dale & Brin Baucum

Jason Wilson

Emily Howard

Godwin Kuo

Paula Marksbury


Teresa Merriman – Best of Show

Helene Fielder

Dorothy Northern

Ron Mynatt

Frank Gee

Dennis Thompson

Mary Lou Egger

Susan Moody

Lisa Mergen

Greg Little

Past Crafts Fairs

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